Exterior Decontaminate and Wax

Vehicle is washed using a 2 bucket safe method then decontaminated using a paintwork cleanser before applying a protective coat of wax, whilst the interior receives a vacuum.

Light Machine Polish

Gloss levels are brought back to the paintwork from this process involving a single stage machine polish using light abrasives. Depending upon condition of paintwork, a single stage machine polish will remove light surface scratches and wash marring. This service is suitable for almost new vehicles or paint work very well maintained.

Enhancement Detail

This detail is designed to remove light to medium surface scratches for vehicles that do not require full paint correction involving a twin stage machine polishing process finished with a layer of protective wax or sealant. This is a great package for those new to detailing or working on a budget.

Ceramic Detail

A multi stage machine polishing process is used to remove as many defects as possible typically achieving 80/90% paint correction guaranteed to totally transform your vehicle, followed by a 2 year or 20K mile ceramic coating. Deeper scratches will have their edges rounded off making them less visible.

Other Services

Safe Wash, Ceramic Wheel Protection, Ceramic Glass Protection, Soft Top Clean and Protect, Interior Deep Clean and Protect.


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