What is detailing?

Detailing as the name suggests involves going into depths and details that a normal valet doesn’t offer.

Exterior detailing involves removing scratches of various degrees from the paintwork using specialist machine polishing processes to bring out its true beauty and depth.

Interior detailing involves deep cleaning materials such as vinyl, leather/upholstery and protecting them against everyday wear and tear.

Why should I detail my car?

Taking good care of one’s investment will always reap rewards one way or another. A detailed vehicle will be easier to maintain as a slicker paint surface will keep the car cleaner for longer between washes and more importantly protect it from degrading from the elements such as UV rays, air-born contaminants and winter salts.

The right aftercare will keep the vehicle in great condition which can be a great selling point, having a positive effect on the cars value or selling price.

Do brand new vehicles need detailing?

Yes, in fact this is the best time to have it protected before it hits the road, new cars also tend to be inflicted by swirling on paintwork caused by mishandling at dealerships and storage locations.

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